Malware Crusher (fake Mac cleaner) removal instruction

Malware Crusher is a new malicious program launched by cyber crooks lately. Its plan is to deceive users through scaring them with a lot of faulty information presented by Malware Crusher hoax during its fake system scan. Don’t purchase this malicious application, this is the waste of funds. This guide will help you in rendering relevant removal instructions for Malware Crusher scam.

Malware Crusher (fake Mac cleaner)
Malware Crusher (fake Mac cleaner)

This rogue software gets into Macs by means of fake security alerts which in their turn use all kinds of available vulnerabilities with your Mac, and with browser in particular. Typically these fake warnings report some fake infection on your Mac, and then they tell you to download and install some program to fix the issue. When clicking the special button in this fake alert Malware Crusher virus is actually downloaded and installed right away.

Many users today would surely know how to remove Malware Crusher from their Macs, but they simply don’t know how to do it. The problem with this scam is in its ability to block the entire Desktop area of targeted computer. So, users whose Macs are infected with Malware Crusher can’t really do anything with them, or anything necessary for removal of this hoax easily. If they try to uninstall Malware Crusher regularly, they will simply not find this rogue anti-virus there. This is all because they’re actually dealing with a fake anti-malware application which enters into Macs illegally, without really caring about all these legal formalities.

Malware Crusher, after successful entry into Macs, begins imitation of scanning your system. So, this scan lasts for quite a long time, being finalized by a fake report about all sorts of malicious programs detected by it, supposedly. The reality is that this program you see on your Mac is a malware itself. It cannot help you clean your system from real infections. Its main mission is to scare you into buying its full version, which is absolutely useless when it comes to automatic malware removal. It will not be able to detect or remove real infections from your system.

So, we strongly believe that users need to delete Malware Crusher from their computers. Please follow the removal instructions provided below.

Malware Crusher removal tool.

  1. Download MacBooster by clicking on the “Download” button above.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Click on “Scan”:
  4. Macbooster - Scan
    MacBooster – Scan
  5. The application will begin scanning your computer:
  6. MacBooster scanning process
    MacBooster scanning process
  7. Once the scanning is over, click on “Fix”, then select “Activate Now”:
  8. MacBooster - Activate Now
    MacBooster – Activate Now
  9. Activate the program, then apply all fixes and restart your system:
  10. Repeat scanning.

Removal video guide:

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